63 Valiant, 66 Dart 270 in Salvage Yard

Yesterday at the salvage yard, I came across several early Mopars.
62 or 63 Valaint, /6 pushbutton auto 2 door car with bucket seats. Manual steering.
Also a 66 dart 270 2 door, /6 auto. Good interior, most sheetmeta. No grille. Good tailights, nice turquoise interior except the drivers door, although savable. RADIO DELETE dash trim is there, as is instrument panel in good shape.
I'm going back there today, will take more pictures. If any one needs parts, i can get them. Should be reasonable as this is a u-pullit yard.
This is the Valiant, the grille is gone but headlight rings are in the car.
Note 1976 Bicentennial license plate!
Omaha, Nebraska

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