CO (monoxide) Let’s please be serious a moment

As a former HVAC /R mechanic, it always disturbs me to see injuries or deaths on the news, the recent restaurant tragedy which is being blamed on a water heater

So PLEASE if you have any combustion appliances, wood, LP, gas, or oil, get yourself at least TWO CO detectors

Here's probably the most disturbing story from my past. Picture this in your mind. A family bought a big old 2 story in the "old" part of downtown. This was 2 stories and an attic, with a dug basement, so a VERY old and tall brick chimney, probably built in the early 20's or 30's

This chimney may have had a LOT through it, wood, coil, oil. Now it has about a 20 year old gas furnace

We had been called for a "no heat" but they wanted a bid on a replacement. However, they didn't want to replace it right then, as they were just starting a remodel.

I went over, with the boss's son, who was going to bid a replacement. Took me about 1 minute to figure out the failure was simple............a loose wire nut on the neutral, in the switchbox feeding the furnace.

I fired it up. It would not vent. It was dumping combustion gas out the draft hood. I told Mike, "this thing is not venting!!!!" We pulled the connector pipe, and discovered that the chimney, which had a cleanout on the floor, was full of soot clear up blocking the furnace connector. This is common on old chimneys with former wood / coal / oil history

The punchline? The important point of this story?

The family HAD JUST FINISHED roughing in bedrooms in the basement for the kids, and were planning to move them down there in a day or two!!!!

IF THIS WIRE NUT had not stopped operation of that furnace, we would have 2 or 3 dead children on our hands!!!!

PLEASE have your "stuff" checked out. If you have an attached garage, be aware of exhaust leaks from vehicles in through the house.
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