Clifford headers: now no choke for BBD. What to do?

That's the main reason my 64 Dart doesn't get driven. Had a Super Six manifold and BBD put on it, along with some Clifford headers a few years ago. Now I have no choke, and don't want to convert to manual. To me, that would be like going from power windows to manual.
I had really high hopes of enjoying the car after the conversion, but have only driven it a few hundred miles since then. Drives great once it warms up, until then it's a piece of c**p. Letting it sit there and idle about 10 minutes helps, but only some. It's a waste of gas and time, and it annoys me enough that I usually just drive something else.

Been checking around, and it looks like the Motorcraft 2100 (like this one) with electric choke and 1.08 venturis is a popular BBD swap with the Jeep guys:

I've been thinking for a while about getting some bodywork done, a good paint job and new top for it. The car really deserves it, since there's almost no rust.
But I'm not going to do it unless the carb problem gets resolved. I already spent several thousand dollars on the motor, and almost never drive it. (The engine guy did a lot of performance modifications besides the Super Six and headers.)

Can you guys help me? I'd be truly grateful. The Dart just sits forgotten under a car cover for months at a time, and it deserves better.

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