Chassis Improvement

After reading through some of these threads on improving handling and cornering in our a-bodys, I got to thinking about an addition to increase those factors but not sure if it would work. It may sound like a dumb idea but there is only one way I can know though :-D

Here is a picture of my engine bay from my '74 duster. From the factory, a-bodys had the two supports on each side going from the fenders to the firewall. They are painted black on my car. Has anyone ever tried making/installing a horizontal bar bolting on the inner fenders going across the engine bay. A lot like the monte-carlo bars that were used on the '65 shelby mustangs. Seems like it would greatly enhance the handling. Almost like a sway bar just higher up on the car. I am sure it has been done before. Anyone have any info about doing something like this?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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