Good Guy Alert from MeMike

I just spoke to MeMIke, Y'all know MeMike....:rock:

He is out of power there in Jonesboro, Arkansas and has been for several day. He said the power company said it might take a whole month to get it all restored!! He said that a freak ice storm hit his neck of the woods, one that even surprised the weather men. They got he said about 4-6 inches of ICE, not snow, ICE!!.:angry7:

MeMike wanted me to send out a good guy alert for one of our other members Small Block, AKA Mr. Bill Stone.

Seems Small Block offered to meet him 1/2 way to give him a generator for the upcoming storm several days ago before this bad one hit, but Mike turned him down saying they weren't expecting any really bad weather there.

Meanwhile... up in the atmosphere, Mother Nature had other plans...

Now Mike ended up at the local Lowes store the next morning... all the generators were sold out.
#-oThe next nearest store, many miles away, was just getting a truck, but had customers standing in line with tickets where they had already paid for the generators on that truck... MeMike was devastated....
As he was walking away from the counter,
there was a little old lady standing in the customer service line with a generator. While she was telling the clerk that she wanted to RETURN this machine 'cause her husband said it wasn't big enough, Mike looked at the clerk and asked, "Can I have this one????":-\"

Mike wanted to send out the good guy alert to Bill Stone, for having the kindness for offering to get him a generator." :king:

Mike said," The Good Lord Made Sure He Got His Generator, come hell or high water, or in this case lot's of ice"

Mike also said that the Good Lord is watching over Victoria as well... he lives in a heavily wooded area. All the trees snapping and falling on his property have avoided his sweet '63 Valiant "Victoria"

Mike said as soon as power is restored, he will be posting all KINDS of pictures and telling his story, soon, he hopes...until then keep him and his lovely wife, Treva, in your thoughts and prayers :love6::angel7:

They have been sleeping at his brother Ken's home at night.
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