BOF is Possessed!

:snakeman::snakeman::snakeman:O.K. I believe in the supernatural. I watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and etc...I have seen what is out there. Before I post this I want everyone to know I haven't been getting into 64dart170 Corona. Don't like the nasty stuff. Anyway, when I left the store I has 1/4 tank of gas. As I was coming home some idiot was on my tail. Well I started staying some words and the gas gauge kept creepin up the more frustrated I got. I turned my turn signal on and got in the turn lane. As the idiot passed me she was giving me a dirty look. I began to say some more words and BOF's gas gauge went all the way to full. WTF! is going on here. After I started driving towards the house and got calm the gas gauge went back to where it was in the beginning. Can anyone debunkify the mystery of BOF?:snakeman::snakeman::snakeman:
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