8 3/4 Clutch sure grip

Well since I can't seem to sell the third member as a complete unit, I guess I'll take it aprt and sell it in pieces. 300.00 for the SG. If your interested in any of the other pieces, let me know.
Like new 742 case, 557 Richmond gears Part number 80-7306, A Dana clutch style sure grip Part number 22685X, Date code 228, New National pinion seal Partnumber 5126. I bought a couple of 68 B-body rear ends and this was in one of them. Was in storage for many years, everything in this reaend was new, New brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders. new hardware, new self adjusters, axle bearings, 3" wheel studs. I took the third member out and checked the backlash (was .008), I then took it apart including the sure grip which was an NOS unit when the previous owner had it built. THE CLUTCHES ARE LIKE BRAND NEW, INFACT EVERYTHING IS LIKE BRAND NEW. I was told that it only had a very few passes on the rearend before he blew the motor. I did replace the pinion seal but everything else looks brand new. The brake shoes havn't even had the surface touched in several places. I reinstall the backlash at the recommended .008 clearance. The gears look New also. All bolts are torque to factory specs and I used red Pro Lock thread locker. Comes with a new 7290 or large u-joint Yoke. The 742 is the strongest of the three Mopar cases with 1.750 diameter pinion and uses shims not a crush sleeve. Shipping will be UPS ground. If the third member doesn't sell I will consider selling in pieces. Thanks

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