438 build camshaft

I have the short block together and need to chose between
two cams. Here is the back ground 383 with a cut down 440
crank, ly rods with 990 bushings and JE pistons with 13cc dish.
The car is a 67 bcuda weight is 3467# and has 26" mt tires with
3.55 gears. I have two cams already a Hughes he2328 223/228
@ .050 duration with a lift of .506/.524 and a Com xe274 230/236 duration
at .050 with a lift of .488/.491. The measured compression with 452
heads at 87cc is 9.05-1, also the heads have a 3 angle valve job
with back cut valves and are bowl ported. The convertor stall will depend
on which cam I use so will not be a factor. The car will be street/strip
Which Cam would you pick or are you already using one of the cams.
Thanks everyone
Author: admin