69 Dart 2 dr. door panels and more

This is a very nice set of light green metallic interior door panels in the sense that they are not falling apart and the edges seperating from the glue. They are not all warped except where the speakers are mounted and they could not lay flat while stored. I would remove the speakers and set them flat for a while before using. They are discolored but are excellent candidates for dying as I don't know how they will clean up. Most all the clips are there and intact so these are a great start. An excellent alternative to Legendary panels at a cost of $357. Asking $65 for the set plus shipping. A dash board switch for the emergency / hazard lights in a 1969 Dart $8. Sold as is but vehicle was fully operational prior to storing years ago. A few other parts and trim from this car. A nice flexible rear window seal $40. And a nice rear window glass which unfortunately I won't ship $70. Lastly, what appears to be a new, possibly installed, 360 harmonic balancer. It came in the trunk of a Dart we purchased. There are no signs that it was installed although someone painted the TDC mark. There is some surface rust from sitting in the cardboard box in this car for the last 10 years but otherwise it does look like it is clean and unused. It is part number 4095631 not the correct box. I was told by one of the pros at Damper Dudes that the 180 degree cut out of the inside of the outer ring is specific to a manual transmission 360. This provides for the external balance issue on the 360 motor. Can also be used with automatic trans.
Thanks, Jim

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