what do you think my dart will run.

hello everyone.what do you guys think my dart will run in the 1/4 mile? it is a 72 dart swinger with a 8 3/4 rear with 4.88, frame connectors,cal tracks with there springs.727 trany with a 4200 stall converter the engine is a 340
Work done: O-ringed, tubed for roller cam, oil gallies enlarged, bored to 4.07
(.030 over) and honed with deck plates by Herb McCandless.

340 steel crank
Prepared by Lunati, stroked .110 to 3.42 stroke and balanced to 8000 rpm's.im planning on shifting at 7200.

340 steel rods
Prepped by Lunati. Hand picked set. All are within .001 of each other in length. Bronze bushed, balanced and lightened.

340 X heads with 2.08 intake valves and 1.60 exhausts. Double springs for
.700 lift cam, Maximum porting on intake and exhaust ports.Ports are 63cc combustion chambers. heads flow a little over 260 cfm.

Venolia lightweight forged pistons. Uses dykes top ring, 1/16 2nd ring and standard tension oil rings. Weight is 510 grams.the Compression is 11.3

Holley Strip Dominator ported to match heads.850 carb

Cam Motion roller 269 275 @ .050 and .631 lift with 1.5 rocker Valves set on .024 .028
RPM range 4500-7500. Cam is degreed in at 104 deg centerline.

Other Parts
High volume Melling oil pump, Comp Cams roller lifters, Crane 1.5 roller rockers(gold), Fluid Balancer, windage tray, Cloyes double roller timing set. SCE copper head gaskets(.060). Tall valve covers for use with roller rockers. Moroso 8 qt deep sump oil pan. Bronze cam gear for use with roller cams
thanks im hoping for 11's
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