440 Dodge Help/Suggestions

Hello All!
This is my first time on the forums and first time posting!

A little about myself and my questions :)

When I was younger I owned a few older cars with my Father and Brother (53 Olds, 68 Camaro, 67 Falcon, 73 Mustang, 34 Ford, and a 55 Studebaker) and used to work on them a lot. Since then I've had a family and work in computers, so I have lost touch with some of my mechanical side :( At any rate I just bought a 73 Dodge Charger as a project to work on with my son and brother. My brother is great with cars and fixing them, but not always decisive on exactly what I should buy as we fix this baby up!

Ultimitley I'm looking for some advice on exactly what to put into my new car. It is a 1973 Dodge Charger with a 440 in it. The car does run but could use some help. Since this is not the "prime" year for a Charger I do not want to put $30,000 into fixing it up, but I am willing to sink a fair amount of money into it to make it a sweet ride. I figured this would be a good bonding time for my son, my brother, and myself. If anyone could please inform me on some specific parts to buy that will make this car FAST without it being overboard and wasting money that would be great!

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

Edelbrock Performer Manifolds for Chrysler - P/N 21911
Edelbrock Thunder Series AVS Carburetor 800 CFM - P/N 1812K

That's about all I got so farÂ…Does those two parts seem like a good choice to put on the 440? Also, any other recommendations would be great as to Heads, Pistons, Cams, Anything else that will help my car perform as best it can without going nuts and wasting money :)

Thanks for all your time,

Author: ChargerMan