AC to non-AC and now alternator doesn’t line up

Newby to this forum and these trucks, so bare with me.

I’m in the process of rebuilding my truck (comprised of 75 frame and suspension and 78 engine and body) and have hit a snag.


1972 Dodge Charger survivor

*Car is located in Proctorville Ohio. Asking $22,500 OBO. Message me for contact info. Thanks for looking!*

*For sale, 1972 Dodge Charger* with the *Topper X option package*. Unrestored with…

Zinc/Break-in oil/Flat tappet

Muscle car enthusiasts can learn new tricks. The talk has been not enough zinc in the oil and use a break-in oil after rebuilding. Nothing is further from the truth.
Flat tappet engines require at…

Hellcat 18″ Wheels + Mickey Thompson Drag Radials

For sale is a set of two (2) Dodge Hellcat wheels and tires. Wheels are Bravado Hellcat Tribute – 18″ Wheels that are 10″ wide with a taller sidewall for better traction. These wheels will accept…

New guy

Hey everyone, I am new to Mopar Forums, but not to Mopar. I currently own a 1963 Dodge Polara 440. 1977 Dodge Power Wagon and a 2022 Ram 2500 Laramie 4×4.
Thanks for the membership.

electronic ignition conversion for 64 361

My 1964 Newport has the 361 BB. Points are no longer available. Trying to find an electronic ignition upgrade. MSD does not make one for this engine.
Any suggestions? Pertronix? Mallory?



Will a 383 from a 66 Plymouth fit in a 1959 Dodge Coronet with a 318?
Also, will the rearend from a 1966 Plymouth fit in a 1959 Dodge Coronet?