Can we buy ANY parts, NOT made in China?

The last few days, I have worked on a friend's trailer (brakes) and my Cherokee (brakes, valve cover gasket, and a few other things)
On the trailer I was surprised to find that a "set" of brakes consisted of shoes for 1 wheel. $41. made you know where. Wound op getting the whole backing plate assemblies with hardware magnets and all (made you know where ) for $50/ea.
Onto my Cherokee. Had to do front brakes incl rotors (had been machined as far as they could be) and I called/stopped by 4 places incl one that sold Raybestos of all brake products. There was not a rotor to be found NOT made in f*ing China!!! I don't drive Chinese vehicles; I don't live in China, so why in the H@ll can't I find parts that are not made there?

Onto the valve cover gasket. (4.0 straight-6) Victor. one of the oldest names in automotive sealing products. $33 for the one I needed. Again, made in China. I go out of my way to NOT buy China s#!t. but anymore it is unavoidable.

2 weeks ago I went looking for a cordless drill, preferably a Milwaukee 18V so my current battery packs etc would work in the new one. could not find a single drill NOT made there; I even E mailed Milwaukee customer service; know what? even they said there isnt a single, new cordless drill they make, that is not made there! I'm so damned sick of this crap! People talk of "boycots" and such; but even that is impossible if that is all that is available!
Author: volaredon