360 Engine is home – bearing question

OK, so I just got back from Phoenix where I picked up a 1989 360 that is a complete rebuilt stock short block. It is ready to go other than the guy I got it from tore it down as he was going to use different pistons and cam...just like I am. It was built by a shop in Phoenix where he purchased it in Sep of last year and has been in his garage since then.

My question is this...all the bearing caps are marked and matched etc...when I re-assemble, will I need to plastigauge again or can I use the bearings that are in place and just reassemble and torque? This is assuming they were done correctly the first time....which I know about assuming.

May be a beginner question.

It's a roller block and have been getting lots of opinions about keeping it a roller or not....still not sure.

Thanks to all and FABO.

Author: admin