318 problems help!!!

i have a 74 valiant w a 318. first off, the plugs wires cap rotor fuel pump and filter are new and the engine is getting gas. the engine was put in by me about a month ago and it has ran pretty good for me so far. it would start fine as long as i didnt touch the gas, and it idled decent also. about a week ago, i was driving after letting it warm up for a few when the engine just died. it was like a switch was hit and it just shut off. i popped the hood to see if i could find anything wrong, but everything looked fine. i tried to start it a few times but it didnt even attempt to start. i let it sit for about 10 or 15 and tried again, and it started. i drove it the rest of the day without a problem. today the same thing happened except this time it doesnt want to start after the initial stall. i came out this morning, started it up and let it idle for a few. i backed outa my space and while im driving away from my house, the car died, and wouldnt restart. any ideas guys?? im driving this car from san diego to michigan in a week and a half and need this problem solved!! any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Author: admin