1983 plymouth cop car going soon.

Some finshing touches to the old cop car before I let it go. Added these gauges. Night pic

sorry for the blurriness. Im often shaking by the end of the day. Not the best time for me to take pics I guess!!

The empty gauge hole I will plug with a body plug,and if someone wants to add another gauge they can.

The mini gauges are Sunpro's.I didnt realize it at the time but the temp and oil gauges are mechanical. Damn but it was a pain in the ass to get it all to fit!

The tach is a Stewart Warner. Yes they are all cheap,but why put expensive gauges in a car your letting go? Why put them in at all you ask? The oil light had come on and wouldnt go off due to some over exuberant help while trimming the lean burn harness after I installed electronic ign. So I added the oil psi gauge and then thought the single gauge looked odd by itself....one thing led to another. At least I know the 318 has o.k oil pressure. 40-50 lb's psi cold and 15 hot at idle. not great and suspect the relief spring as when you rev it the psi jumps.I actually have arelpacement mopar high pressure spring kit but no way am I pulling the oil pan.Just aint no room on this car .The motor would have to come out. If the new owner wants,he can pull the motor out and I'll put the spring kit in the pump fore him no charge. O doubt he will,as its just gonna be a daily driver/winter beater,so 15 psi hot is fine for that.

I need to go slap the other winter tires on the rear and then she can go today.

Then I'll have to muster up the gumption to pull a 400/727. At least there is a nice big engine hoist there so I dont have to haul mine.And there is electricity available so I'll haul the small pancake compressor and have limited air toll use too. need to make it as easy on me as possible.

Im going to take a few more pics and a video as a keepsake. I really enjoyed this old cop car. Runs drives and handles great. The brakes are wicked good too.
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