Fram transmission pan gaskets.

Has anyone else encountered this? I changed the filter on the 904 in the cop car. Seeing as how I had a filter already I used it. I used a thin paper type gasket I had as well. Due to the pan not being very straight it weeped a bit. I went to the local jobber to get a cork gasket because they are thicker and more forgiving of old pans.

After several tries the partsman was stumped. He could only get the thin paper gasket!And this is my best friend whom I am positive tried his best. Im not totally sure if it's paper,as it seems to be somewhat rubbery,but it is black and quite thin.

Where the heck can I get a cork gasket without having to get the filter?

The cork gasket that was in there is actually in my solvent tank and is still intact. Could that be reused? I kind of have my doubts and think it should be thrown away.
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