Your daily driver?

I know everyone has an A body, but do you drive it daily? Rain or shine? Tell us about your daily driver! From the every day beater to the spankin' new ram.

Here is all my other rides. 1st, my 01 Ram. 360 Off-Road clone. Started life as a sport 4x4 & I cloned it into what it is today. Looks factory huh?

My wifes 02 trailblazer. She just had to have one when they first came out & even tho its a chebby, is been a good vehicle 98K & absolutely no problems.

& finally my lil' energizer bunny. A 95 gmc sonoma. 230K on the factory 4 banger automatic & not a single problem! Runs 75mph all day long & gets 25mpg doing it. I gave 800 bucks for it at a local junk lot because they said it had electrical problems. A rebuilt alternator later & it was on the road making my 198 mile ONE WAY commute to work!
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