WTB GTS F3 Green Interior 1969

I've got 2 cars I'm trying to restore, one is a 1969 Dart Swinger 340 that many of you have helped me get parts for. I'll have to get a list together of everyone that has helped and list some praise. I have been studying for my FE exam and putting in all kinds of hours at work lately so havent had time to work on it, but hopefully come the end of April when the exam is over I will have time to get the car together. Its a mesh of any year interior in black in nice shape.

The Other car is a 1969 Dart GTS 383 I picked up from a member. It's a large project that I'm planning on working on over the next several years to hopefully make a show car out of it. So I want really nice model/year correct parts. I'll be collecting them as time goes on. So if you have something let me know, I know green isn't in abundance but i'm hoping its not in as big demand either. I dont have a ton of money.

The car like I said is a 1969 GTS Console with Carpet. The interior Code from broadcast sheet is P6G F3. So it needs to be the light green interior.

What I have: Solid Seat Cores/Foam, Dash Frame, Instrument Cluster, Dash Pad Frame, GTS Emblems, Arm Rest Bases, Kick Panels, and I think that's it. If it's not listed here and it's correct I'm sure I need it.

Sorry for the long post, I am really enjoying these Cars, I had a 1971 Firebird w/ 389 a few years back in college and never got into it really. I bought 1 Dart and a few months later needed another!
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