Would like some imput

have a 73 duster, here in Colorado it runs 16's at Bandimere. It has a 318 and a few performance parts, it is a fun little car to drive. However I have a 7 1/4 rearend in it and it is not a posi. Also, I have been told that the car is geared high cause I cruise on the highway at about 80mph at 3000rpm. I have a 727 trans. I picked some parts here and there and I got a open 8 3/4 rear end also. I picked up some axles now my hunt is for a housing to put everything in. I picked up a 360 engine also. My questions with my current set up and adding the 8 3/4 that has 323 gears what possible ets will I be looking at with the 318 that i currently have. Right now the car runs about 72mph at the the top end of the quarter mile. Thank you for you input.
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