WIW? ’70 Dart, 318, auto, 8 3/4 rear factory color is Banana

1970 Dart hardtop, Factory Banana paint, black vinyl top in excellent condition, tan interior, 318 auto on column, 8 3/4 rear end, manual drum brakes.

All original sheet metal with the trunk floor intact, ALL of it. Frame looks awesome. A few paint / rust bubbles on passenger fender dog leg & behind the rear wheel on the same side, so it will need patches there but not right away.

Factory body side moldings & wheel covers intact & in great shape.

124,000 miles. Mostly all original, some small engine bay stuff & the radiator have been replaced.

Interior - Dash pad has a crack, one missing seat latch cover, headliner has a couple small tears & it could use a new driver's side armrest. Carpet faded but intact, same for the seats with no rips or tears.

Numbers match up top, fender tag present & there is a matching broadcast sheet still in the front seat springs. I can check the engine & transmission numbers in the morning.

Engine bay paint still original. Body & trunk have been repainted in yellow, but a few shades brighter than original.

All electrical items / switches work.

The only modification I saw was a conversion to dual exhaust which sounds awesome. Car started right up, ran a little rough for a couple minutes then it idled very smoothly. I did not drive it yet, but shifts with the car in place were firm into drive & reverse.

Very clean overall, needs a major detailing for starters. It could be daily driven as-is for a long time with no cosmetic work needed right away.

No pictures yet, but I can get some tomorrow. So based on the above information, what would be a fair price for me to pay?
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