Who Would push it????

So if someone were to give you a box with a button on it. and told you that you can keep this box for one week, after which time that person will come back and take this box back. During the week, you can push the Button any time you want, and if you push this button you will receive $100,000. Its that easy. It could be a Drug dealer that dies, a 100 year old grandpa, a lawyer, a knowbody, or a somebody, anyone, But you don't know them at all. $100 000 can be yours, you just have to know and understand These 4 rules.
  1. You have the box for one week, and the box must be given back to the person that gave it to you
  2. If you push the button you WILL receive $100,000
  3. IF you push the button, someone you don't know, and have NEVER met will die, and the death will not be traced back to you, and you will never know who died as a result of the button being pushed.
  4. You can only push the button once.
My question is...Who would push the button?


Author: admin