Wheel/Tire Combo for the big block project

Haven't been on here and a while but I'm finally getting some time to play around with the Duster so let the questions begin.
First thing I'd like to do is find a wheel/tire package for my '72 Duster. I'm planning on putting a 383 in the car but that will come later. I've found some wheels I like for the car-American Racing PN 6244665 for the front and American Racing PN 625165 for the rear. The fronts are a 14X6 with 3.75" backspacing and +6mm of offset. The rears are 15X10 with 4.00" of backspacing and -38mm of offset. I like the wheels alot but that is still up in the air.
First question-Does anyone know of anywhere else I can find a good looking 14" wheel...I would like to keep a 14" front and a 15" rear to give the car a decent stance...there are some after market 15" welds on the front right now and they rub a little...could be that the tire was a little flat the last time I had it out but I think I'd like to go with a 14" up front.
Second question-any recommendations for front tires...I'm having a hard time finding anything that would fit that wheel.
Thanks for the help.
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