Whats up fellas!

just introducing my self to all of you. Recently I've gotten this itch to get a Dart or Valiant, don't really have the time to devote to it right now (first career status job doing 12 hour days) so I'll just live vicariously through you by reading about the trials and tribulations here on the forums.

Been a Mopar guy since I was 16 when I got a 318 powered jeep. I'm onto my 2nd 360 powered Jeep now and I love it. needs more power though. They plugged them up with a crappy camshaft and intake. These things need to breathe a bit! The stock 5.9 starts gasping at about 4500!

Just got the latest issue of Car Craft (been subscribing to it for about 4-5 years now I think) and there was a great article about a famous Dick Landy Dart. What a paint scheme!

See you scallywags around.

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