What would you pay?

I found a '73 Dart Sport in a local advertisement. It's been sitting in a field for about 30 yrs, according to the ad, and the person I contacted. It's a /6, bench, pretty plain jane by the sounds of it. They claim to have had offers on the doors for $200 each, and the bumpers for $400 :roll: (talk about people on crack).

Is it any more or less valuable than a Duster, or are they pretty much on par?

She spoke to a guy "up the street" who has three Darts and two Dusters and he told her not to let it go for less than $xxxxx.

What do you, who know about such things, think would be a fair offer for a definite project? Certainly not a driver at this point, or for a while for that matter 8).
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