What would you do?

I've been toying around with differant ideas for my '73 340. what would you do if it was yours?
Heres the spect that won't change.:
'73 340 std bore block
'69 340 10.5:1 pistons w/ rods
J heads 2.02's
windage tray
double roller timing set
Currantly it has an Edelbrok performer intake ( been ported and leaned up)
also has 360 ( small valve heads ported and ploished ( those have to go), It has a '70 something truck cam in it, I have a performer cam ( to match the intake ).
This will sooner or later go into an "A" body with a 4spd.... unknown what year or boy at this time.
What would you do to get the most HP out of it while still running on pump gas and keeping a some what stock ( 68-69) look to it. I will go with total sealed / gapless rings and ARP bolts through out. but what options can you guys/ girls come up with?
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