what would my 73 dart run??

I am thinking about me and my son taking my 73 dart to the track this weekend. So i was wondering if you guys would like to guess what the car might run. here is alist of pretty much everything i know about the car.Thanks Mopar65

o 1978 318 stock stroke, bore and pistons?
o stock heads rebuilt with springs to match the cam
o mopar purple shaft 292-509 hydraulic cam
o stock rocker arms
o stock fuel system with a chrome carter mechanical 6-7 psi fuel pump
o headman 1-5/8 ceramic headers and 3 inch flow master exhaust to the rear axle
o cross winds air gap duel plan intake
0 proform 750 hp Double pumper
0 MSD 6A, dist,and wires
o stock cooling system with new radiator, car never gets above 180 dgrees. car fully streetable

o TCI built 904 and 2500 stall TCI converter
o prostick shifter with cover etc
o fronted rebuilt with 73 disc brakes
o 15x3-1/2 front and 15x8 rear weld drag star wheels
o M/T front runner tires
o M/T 275/60/15 drag radiles tires
o mopar super stock springs moved in 3 inches
0 stock wheel wells
o 4.10 gear ratio
0 shortend 8-3/4 with 30 spline mosher spool and axles with 5/8 wheel studs
o B-body drum brakes

Thanks Mopar65
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