what would i do without forums

so in the midst of fixing my winter beater s10 that caught on fire:confused:, i realized how screwed id be without all these car forums. i used to be into volvos, now a bodies, and somewhat into s10's. its nice to be able to go online with no clue how to fix something and get all the answers you need (at least most) at the click of the mouse. i do have to say that all forums are not equal though. the volvo and a body forums are super informational with tons of how to's, and good people willing to help!! the s10 forums even though they have a large following and some good info arent to good.allot the people are dicks and arent willing to help a fellow enthusiast who's new to the game.

for example when i went on the cheby forum to ask why my truck might have caught on fire these are some of the responses i got

wow your luck really sucks, and yeah your luck really does suck......like i didnt know that when MY TRUCK CAUGHT ON FIRE!!!!!:angry5:

either way, others were very helpful and helped me get my truck goin again, but as said earlier, not all forums are the same.

im glad my s10 isnt the daily driver and the a body forum peeps are so much nicer!!

thanks a body forums for having genuinely good people!!! =D>
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