what upgrades to over winter

Well there is a lot of stuff I would like to do to the DART just not sure which one to start with.

1969 DODGE DART GT I will start at the front and work my way back. It has : a be cool radiator with a summit pusher fan on the front and a trans cooler mounted next to it, a mechanical fan with a home made shroud, battery still in the stock location, Tubular upper control arms, All new front suspension, disc brakes from a 76 duster, stock shocks all around, 360 4 valve relief hyper pistons stock rods (stock bolts), new cast crank, ede mild ported heads, comp xe284 cam, ductile rockers, ede air gap, msd wires and 6 al box, blaster coil, 750 holley 4150 hp dp, headman 1 5/8 headers, mini starter, subframe connectors, hurst line lock 727 with a midwest converter custom 2800 stall, b&m deep trans pan, b&m megashifter, 8 3/4 with yukon axles stock width 3.91 suregrip with richmond gears, 5 leaf springs.

What are the best upgrades that are cheap or for saftey.

The transmission I picked up at a swap meet for fifty bucks the guy said it was freshly rebuilt. Its lasted three years so far.

I have a core tranny that I planned on haveing rebuilt with a full manual foward pattern valve body.

Moving the battery to the trunk is on the least of cheap sec.

I am looking for a electric fan (junkyard style)
for a puller.

I have the three inch inboard kit but not sure what to do about the springs (it would kill the budget to go all out with new wheels cal tracs and monoleafs, new shocks)

So i guess im trying to spend less than 2000.00
and maxamize my spending.

The car sees the strip about three times a year. It already gets crap milleage anything to make it go faster sounds good to me!
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