What the !!!!

Of course at the same time my PS pump took a crap, I noticed oil press. was low!. damn, ya can`t win! But I couldn`t hear any valvetrain noise? I`m like, please don`t be the pump! I`m starting to hate the word pump!:-D I figured I`d start the process of elimination. #1 rep. sending unit. cleaned connection first. Still the same. and those buggers are buried ain`t they!:angry7: #2 Lets see I recently changed the oil and filter. Figure I`d treat my baby with some, same weight high$$ synthetic oil. Can`t be no more than 2000, mi. #3 pump rod wiped out? naa, can`t be?. Well, to take a clogged filter out of the equasion, I figure I`d go ahead and change the oil +filter, back to my usual 5w30 Valvoline.WTF:cheers: my pressure`s back up to normal again? man I was sweaten that one. I think I just convinced myself about synthetics. Or do I have a filter incompatibilty issue?. Been using s16 stp shorty. cause of clearance. Been no problem with reg. oil. :?
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