What oil for my new engine

Not quite finshed, but close. My freind at NAPA says the Valvoline Racing oils are on sale. Thought I might get some. Do i just get 10-30 VR-1? Should I go synthetic, which (I think) is the Valvoline "not legal for the street" 10-30?

For the break in (my first), do I run regular type (petroleum, non-synthetic) racing oil , drain it, then run synthetic?

I have the break-in additive Hughes sent me for the break-in.

The engine specs will be:
Stroker 408, Scat crank and rods, SRP 16.9 cc dished pistons
CR will be right around 10.3:1
Hughes 232/237 @0.50 dur, .540/.548 lift cam, Hughes roller rockers
Edelbrock stock (Hughes springs) heads, Edelbrock Air Gap Manifold
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