what is the best paint

the last time I painted a car was 1972 and lacquer was cheep. now I see all different types on the market and they are all expensive. I am restoring a 65 cuda. and can't really decide on the color. The original color is a dark brown,
not so nice. My second choice was a petty blue. Kyle Petty is a neighbor and offered the paint. My son who just turned 16 wants to drive the car and wants to do a competition orange. So you see my problem. With the price of paint the petty blue will more than likely win out. Any ideas out there? Whats the difference in the different types of paint and what type would any of you suggest? The petty blue is a urethane paint and was told it would do a good job. I've got to much time on my hands and to much time to think. As always thanks for your help.
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