What Idler Arm is this?!

I can't find anywhere what idler arm this is that I have here. you can see what I mean by the Pics. I can't find a similar idler arm anywhere. The car is a 67 dart. but since its not an original V-8 car, not sure what k member it has in it. I cant find the right idler arm anywhere though. I ordered one for a '67, and its not the right one, the one that i recieved is correct I believe for a '67, however I don't believe I need a '67 idler arm. I found internet Pics of a '67 idler arm, and that doesn't look correct either.. please help me ID what I have.

It has the numbers "1324" or "7324" on it. can't tell if its a 1 or a 7 for the first number..

I also attached pics of the '67 idler arm that I bought(the one in plastic) and a 68 idler arm off of the internet.

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