What hood scoop on a First Gen Barracuda?

Hey guys,
I kind of asked on another thread, but I'd like to know about scoops.
I've been searching and haven't really found may answers.

I'm looking for a hood scoop for my 64 Cuda with a stock hood.
Does anybody have some pictures/recommendations?

Also whats the history with putting the round cutout on the hood with the air cleaner sticking through? Its so bad ass!

I'd really like to go that route on my cuda first I think, it just looks awesome. With my new 318 thats going in the car, what intake/carb setup do you run that sets the air cleaner up so high? Do you use some sort of spacer on top of the carb or something?

Please school me on hood scoops, what they came off of, and what would look cool on my cuda!?
Author: admin