What do you think?? 69 Cuda

I may be riding out to check out this 69 Barracuda. Its about a couple hour drive away. Im gonna look it over real good and take a bunch of pics (These are the ones the guy emailed to me) He told me in the email the 318 runs, it has some rust in the floor pans and trunk floor. As you can see in the pics, it obviously needs a right fender but the rest looks pretty good. Anyways he told me he was asking 1500 but said it was negotionable. Is this a fair price? What would you offer? If I get a chance to ride out and see it today or tomorrow, I will post more pics. I need this like I need a hole in my head, I need to finish my Charger, but I have always loved A-body Cudas. I would still like to get it at the right price, just to have it as my next project after the charger. All opinions welcomed!


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