What do you expect out of a car show?

I went to my "first" car show Friday night as just a driver and not the DJ running the show. I've been running shows for over 6 years now. It was at our local Sonic. Well the parking turned out to be across 5 lanes of traffic in the mall across from the Sonic with no protected parking area for the cars. Registration was on the Sonic side. No DJ was present so we all sat in silence watching the traffic between us and Sonic. They offered some kind of raffle, tickets $2 for one or 3 for $5. I don't know what they were raffling since I was on the phone when they shoved a list of items at me and I told them I was not interested and they huffed and went on. The show was scheduled from 3-8 on a Friday afternoon and registration was $10. I stayed until 6 as I could not stand the boredom and the constant noise of the traffic on the road in front of us. I had my daughter with me and we ate at the Arby's next to the Sonic as I figured if I wasn't good enough to park in their lot, I wasn't good enough to patronize their store either. Overall I was not impressed with the organization of the show. Was I expecting too much or is this normal? Do most places advertise a car show and then have you park across the street from the them expecting you to cross a busy street throughout the show for food and rest rooms? Had I stayed I assume we all would have had to cross the street for the awards part or listen to them shout the results across the 5 lanes of traffic. The only good part about the show was there was a 65 barracuda with a 440 5 speed in it.
Author: admin