What Can Be Dome With a Chrysler 400?

I am about to take ownership of a 1974 Dart Swinger that is running a Chrysler 400 “B” engine, a Edelbrock Streetmaster 383 intake, Holly 4 bbl carb, race cam (unknown duration), a 727 Torqueflite transmission, headers and dual exhaust all feeding into a 2001 Dodge Durango posi-trac rear end (4.11). I have not yet driven the car so I am going on what the current owner says versus what my friends have told me!

The current owner claims the car runs like a bat out of hell and idles well.

I have been told that the Streetmaster is a less desirable vintage intake and the 4.11 rear end on this intake-engine combo will be a low end performance dog and gas hog.

First I would like some experienced advice/opinions if all this I have heard is true and if so what should be my first steps in putting some pep in this car’s step?

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