what am I missing

The 65 225/6 i'm restoring has another problem. The last few days the temp in central N.C. has been in the low 70's so I have been working on the body of the barracuda. I thought I had solved this problem but it has come back. When I start the car I have to play with the gas pedal till it warms up to get it to run on its on. It doesn't run smooth but it will idle on its on. I can adjust the carb and get it to smooth out and run smooth. Then I cut it off let it cool and I'm back where I started. I have new plugs,wires, dist.cap and rotor button. The carb has been rebuilt. Its going to be in the 70's and I'm going to go out in the morning to do some more body work and would love to find the problem.
Any ideas. Please help!
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