What about this combo?

85 Dodge Diplomat Calipers and adapters, Dodge Diplomat rotors 11.8", Diplomat master, 73 -arms, spindles, 8 3/4 a-body rear with big bolt C-body axles cut and resplined, 97-99 Dodge Dakota rear drums, backing plates and hardwear. 15", 16" steel wheels and dog dish hub caps. On a 72 Scamp with a slant six. Overkill for the Six, but you never know. Called the otherday for new stock calipers for 73-76 A-Body and was told now discontinued brake lines too...I figure if I upgrade parts and need new stuff it would be easier to use the newest stuff that would fit in case I had to replace anything down the road. All parts are easy to get and in stock just about any where...Pettybludart gave me the idea for the rear setup...Thanks
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