What a dilemma!

OK, I've recently received an offer on my car involving a straight up trade for another. I'm having some trouble with the decision... here's the deal:

My current car is a 1972 Demon that originally came with a 225/904/7.25 but is now equipped with a fresh 360/727/8.75 combo that I installed myself in the spring. The interior is 18,000 miles fresh but the car has very tired green paint and will require some bodywork when the time comes to shoot it. It's also originally a light enamel gold (GY4) on green car... hardly a cool combo in my mind but oddball enough to stand out at cruise night if I decided to go back to the factory colour.

The car I'm being offered is a 1973 Dart Sport 340. Factory black on black, buckets/console auto 8 1/4 w/ 3.55s. The engine in the car is a 68 340 that's seriously built up and although it's not the numbers engine, it is a real 340 car. Ironically, the car is wearing a complete 72 Demon front clip as the previous owner to the current one decided that the bulky 73 Dart nose wasn't to his liking and swapped everything including the shotgun scooped hood. The paint is pretty shiny and the body is arrow straight but to make the car right, I'd have to locate, install and paint a proper 73 front clip for it... of course then I wouldn't like looking at it as much as I do now.

So what to do? I prefer the 72 Demon style but I have had a Dart Sport before (1975 model) and like them as well and the fact that it's a real 340 car goes a long way. Still, only a Demon is a Demon, six cylinder or not and they've always been my absolute favourite Mopar... can you see why this is so hard? :(
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