Wanted Parts For 68 Notchback Barracuda Formula S 383

I am looking for original or NOS parts for the following car.
1968 Plymouth Barracuda 383 Automatic Notchback Formula S. This car was built on October 23,1967 and all items that hold a date code would need to preceed this date. If you have any of these items listed or any NOS parts let me know because I may have left something off.


1. Front Heavy Duty Shocks Part Number on box 2298804 and the last 2 digits stamped in the shocks would be 47.
2. Front Driving Plastic Lenses that are in the grill
3. Any NOS exhaust pieces, mufflers, clamps etc.
4. Belt part number 2843221
5. Radiator Cap 16 pound part number 1686107
6. Oil Filter this must be correct and not aftermarket either part number 1851658 or 2536186
7. Drivers front fender. Must be NOS or in excellent shape
8. Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses. One part number is 2863207 not sure of other.
9. heater hoses
10. GE Headlight should have a 2 stamped at the top and a correct date on back.
11. Fuel Pump part number 2495528

E-mail me richard@musclecardata.com or call Richard at 615-389-6524

Also If you need any 67-69 Cuda parts call also. I am parting out a 67 and a 68 Notchback.
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