wanted: 4-speed parts & other Dart goodies

I have a 69 Dart Swinger I'm trying to put back to it's original 4-speed, I just found a 340 so I'm set there. Things I could use:

Brake & Clutch Pedal Assembly
Z-Bar Linkage & Hardware
Shifter & Linkage
A833 (A-833) 4-speed Transmission

And anything else you might think I would need for the 4-speed. The car was originally a 4-speed but has since been gutted.

I'm also looking for rear fender patch panels, driver side door, 340 emblem for the hood, 340 air cleaner and Black interior pieces, car was originally blue so I have nothing really. I'm looking for seats, door panels, trim pieces...

I have cash and I'm ready to buy. Please get in touch with me.

Jesse (located in central new york)
Author: admin