“wanna keep the house” sale

or "spring cleaning","driveway sale","keep the neighbors off my back"...whatever.Most important is to free up some cash sitting in the iron to keep making house payments.1 Mopar,1 cousin and 2 Chevy's.

93 Dakota extended cab,2wd,5.2 auto.Engine out,apart to short block.New brakes installed before being parked.Paid $1,800/open to offers.

86 G30,350 4-bbl,HEI,no computer,Turbo 400,rear brakes out,body rust,newer radiator,tubular exhaust manifolds,factory duals,no convertors.$400.

78 C30,4-door,dual rear wheels,Silverado package,454,Turbo 400,18,000 original miles,still has factory installed bias ply tires,good overall condition,not running,oil pump bad,#1 and 2 rod bearings thin,steel cap on bed.$2,000.

76 Matador station wagon,360 4-bbl,dual exhaust,rusty 1/4,s.$900.

contact Bob for pics and more info.Thanks!
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