Voltage regulator problems

A month ago I installed a electronic voltage regulator on my 66 Dart. You know the kind that looks like the original black metal can. The original point type regulator was noisy and all the lights flickered. The electronic one worked great until a few days ago when the old girl wouldnt start. The regulator screwed up and the alternator was charging 25 volts according to my tester. It also burned out the headlights,dome light, tail light and license plate light. I ended up putting in a new starter and battery also. I was lucky to get the battery replaced under warranty but the gal didn't want to
after it was boiled dry. I didn't think to check that. I put in a late model
"mini" starter. Way easy because of the small size but i'll miss the wing-ding
noise of the old starter. toolmanmike
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