Vacation Progress on the Vart

Wellll, over the past 2 weeks I managed to blow 800 pounds of blasting sand at the front end of the Valiant. There's probably 700 lbs on the ground, 50 lbs still in various crevices of the car, and the other 50 lbs has either gone down the shower drain, or is still in my ears or between my toes. :)

By 6 pm this last Thursday, I had 2 good coats of epoxy primer on the complete front end. Time for a little break to let the rest of the sand wash and work out. :cheers:

I was all ready to start blasting, but couldn't find the car! :glasses9: Then I realized I had my reading glasses on and couldn't see more than 3 feet! Off glasses, there's the damned car, start blowing sand. :happy10:

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