True or False

I thought it would be fun for a forum to be about what is true, and what is false. There are weird things floating around the internet ( and this site) about dodge facts, and it would be nice to know what ones are true and false.

If you think you Know the answer, Just post it bellow, if you have a mopar qustion, or fact to ask everyone else if it is true or false, go for it.

You can give the answer any time you want, but don't leave people hanging too long! :)

SO I will through some questions out there.

1. 1969 barracuda hood is the same as a 1973-1975 dodge dart hood?

2. The Hemi NEVER came in a Four door? ( we are talking about the REAL hemi's, not the early ones)

3. The dukes of hazard general lee was a 1969 charger, and the ONLY used 1969 chargers in the TV show?

4. The 1970 440 cuda was faster than the 1970 Hemi cuda when compared Stock?

5. There is a 1970 dart RT 383? ;)

6. 1969 dart fenders will work for 1970-1971 dart fenders you just have to add the fender nose?

7. The road runner horn is from europe?

I will leave it at that. If you want to answer these, go ahead, or add on more facts/mythes to the list.

Thanks guys

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