Transportation Network Q?

Hey guys,
I hate to have to ask this here,but I figure it's worth a shot.I need a car trailered from Tenn. just west and north of Nashville up to S. Indiana. I bought this car on ebay at the beginning of the summer and cannot pick it up myself. I am on an extremely tight budget and every time I think I have vehicle and trailer that can do the job,the bottom falls out. My Jeep can't make the trip because of some front end work I need to do on it and I can't do both at the same time.I've been waiting for months now just to see the car in person and I was hoping to get it here before winter sets in so I would have the cold months to rebuild the engine.The seller has been very cool about the delay,but I don't want it to sit out for another winter and I don't want him to get pissed about the deal. If anyone has any ideas,please let me know.Thanks,Dan
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