Torco Race Fuels

Torco Race Fuels to "re-ignite" in North America.
Phoenix Race Fuels in Chandler Arizona has entered into a confidential multiyear licensing agreement with Torco International, to manufacture and market the popular Torco Race Fuels brand of products. Torco looks forward to the continuation of providing the racing community with quality fuel products consistent with almost 60 years of excellent reputation of Torco trademarks for every segment of racing -automotive, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and watercraft, to name a few. Torco International is based in California and provides the racing community with performance products including advanced lubricants.
Race car manufacturer Jody Davis of Arizona, along with a small group of local investors, has teamed up to put Torco Race Fuels back in the race. They are currently offering a full line of Torco Race Fuel Products in limited volume, until there Chandler Arizona facility is up to speed.
Phoenix Race Fuels (a Torco distributor) was faced with a difficult decision earlier this year when then Torco Race Fuels manufacturer Evan Knoll made the call to halt the supply of fuel to the West Coast. Not willing to throw away all their hard work in securing supply contracts with tracks such as Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Firebird International Raceway, Jody and his team made the leap from race fuel distributor to race fuel manufacturer. "It
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