Time for the Machine Shop!

So. . . I FINALLY found a decent machine shop, spent the better part of an hour at there BSing with a guy who actually knew mopars, imagine that! Heres what I'm working with:
318 (stock bottom end, for now) Comp 268 cam, MP springs, edelbrock performer and 4bbl 600 carb, headers into 2 1/2 duels.
I was going to get the heads buzzed about 30-40 thous to bump up my compression. The guy quoted $55 per head for 30 thous, but he said I'd be much better off spending $125 and getting the heads hot tanked, 3 angle valve job and have them set up my springs the "right way" for my cam.

My question is for those who have milled their heads for more compression is did it actually make a difference? The shop guy said it would only bump me up maybe half a point. I want to avoid cracking into the bottom end but am still considering milling the heads along with a valve job. Any ideas?
Its kind of like when I was hunting down later 80's planetary gears for a more agressive 1st and 2nd gear, more than a few people who did it said it didnt change their ET at all and wasen't worth the effort so I kept mine stock.
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