time for fresh fish

Treva worked in her new building and I went after some fresh fish.:love5:
and just to take a walk and get out for some fresh air.
After a good lunch and picked out my lures, I packed me a watered down
tomato juice blend and a couple shot of tequila. A shot of tequila and then a drink of juice.
brother Ken came with me ,But he was looking for a big bass,:cheers: No luck for him, Just 12 small bass,:neutral: I was using 4lb line with a lime green and yellow tail jig with a spoon. I caught a very nice one and then they just would not bite. so I figured it was just a fluke :-k
So I let a couple nice ones go and was about to give up and then they started biting. I put them back in the pond, I was ready to get back to the house, But they kept biting so I started putting them back on the stringer.
Got home and fillet them.
here is some small but good eating and fun to catch pictures.
As you can se I was getting hot and ready to hit the shower.
Brother ken took the picture of me and I look like an old tired fart.
fun day and great excercise. I took the good pictures.hehe:toothy10:

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Author: memike